Alsace: Land of castles !

Alsace is a region with at least 80 castle ruins that are open to visit, so it is not difficult to visit this region and come across their silhouettes.
Do you like hiking? I invite you to take a walk in the woods to visit the ruins of some castles of the Holy Roman Empire !

Castillo de Ortenbourg
Chimenea castillo de Andlau
Castillo de Spesbourg

Andlau Castle

Magnificent granite fortress, believed to have been built in 1250 or 1260 by the prolific Andlau family!

Come on a tour where you will be amazed to see its twin dungeons in the distance!

Andlau Castle
Spesbourg Castle

Spesbourg Castle

The remains of this castle are impressive! You will be greeted by its 25-metre high donjon and its shield wall which make this place look like a fortress, but once inside you will see that this place was first and foremost a residence.

Ortenbourg Castle

In the 13th century, this castle symbolised the international power of a family that was to become world famous, the Habsbourg family!

Before extending their empire to the Americas, the Habsbourgs began their history in Alsace. Come with me to visit the ruins of this impressive fortress.

Château d'Ortenbourg
Château du Bernstein

Bernstein Castle

During this guided tour, we will visit this castle that looks like a ship sailing on a sea of granite, which at one time had among its inhabitants the mother of the future Pope Leo IX.